Making Brands

We are MM Marketing

Who We Are

In the mid 90’s, Patricia Cheong saw a sprawling, global city on the horizon for Macau. At its heart was a melting pot of culture, the unique intricacies of Portuguese and Chinese influence. The gaming industry had long been on the rise, creating an economic catalyst for the expansion of the city’s development. Cheong took her intimate knowledge of the city and her people and created MM—an end-to-end marketing and communications company designed around the unique qualities of Macau business.

Through over 20 years we’ve accumulated experience in public, trade, and government relations and have planned pivotal events in the stories of local and international brands. We’re your partner in business, providing strategic planning and consulting services created just for you.

What We Do

Our passion lies in making our client’s brand shine.

Through our robust understanding of the East and Southeast Asian gaming industries and who’s who,
we provide reliable public relations and marketing communications capable of breaking through the complexities of local markets.

Marketing Consultancy
Public Relations
Event Management